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Inner Architect and Donna Root

Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Donna Root is truly an enlightened teacher and master.  The simplicity and effectiveness of The Inner Architect Process is unparalleled."

Les Brown copy

Les Brown

"As my personal life and business coach, I find Donna to be one of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers around today.  Her profound insight and cutting edge approach, gained from years of research and application, has earned her national and international acclaim.  Donna Root's Inner Architect training has transformed thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams at every level.  She will teach you how to transform your life using a simple process guaranteed!  Her training will stretch your mind, touch your heart, and dramatically increase your bottom line.  If you are ready to turn up the energy, get real with yourself, and take you life or business to a whole new level of growth, I highly recommend Donna Root.  You will get the best and she will change your life." 


PENTAX ImageSteve Young

"If you are ready to experience a huge shift if your life, Donna Root is who you should be coaching with.  It has been my pleasure and honor to share the stage with her on many occasions.  Her Inner Architect Process is life changing."

Jerry Rice

"If you are an athlete or a coach, taking Donna's course will change the way you think and perform. She will help you achieve more in all aspects of your personal and professional life."

kim_coles_g57nKim Coles

"Donna Root is an AMAZING consultant and mentor.  She is always on target with her Inner Architect Process of Transformation.  She gives you a simple proven process to achieve permanent change in your life.  Her program is not just inspirational or motivational, it is truly transformation at its best. She gives you all of the tools to live you life on purpose.  She helps you zone in on what you are doing that is out of alignment with your true best self.  If you want to live a powerful life with freedom to truly be in choice at every moment, get Donna on board right now! With her laser focused intuition, honesty, and understanding of both spiritual and scientific principals I have made several key shifts and am ready to live my life on a higher level.  I cannot speak more highly of the results I received through Donna's coaching and mentoring.  She will rock your world! 

George Ross
Georeg Ross
Executive VP and Senior Counsel for The Trump Organization

"I so appreciate what Donna Root is accomplishing. Her program is so very important.  If you can touch a nerve that can get someone out of lethargy and help people and executives to adapt, you redoing great things.  The work that Donna does in helping individuals and campaigns adapt and align is so imperative, a global perspective is imperative.  The old is out and there is a better way of thinking, you must be on the cutting edge in order to be successful, personally or professionally.  Donna has the tools the help.

KurekKurek Ashley
Best Selling Author and Success Coach

"The work that Donna Root is doing to facilitate growth and interpersonal development is close to my heart. As we shift to a place of balancing our lives, the teachers and mentors we attract to guide us along the way are critical.  If you have attracted Donna into your life you are in for a great treat. Get ready to step into your greatness."

Ruby Yeh
Ruby Yeh
Founder, Yinspire Media

"I have a publishing company in the personal growth field, so I am familiar with the work of many of the top trainers and coaches. Until I met Donna Root, I was never interested in working with a coach. The thing that struck me about Donna was her depth of knowledge of spiritual principles and the science of Consciousness. And I needed wisdom from both those perspectives to help me transcend my internal barriers, which were holding me back from living my highest potential. I have benefited tremendously from Donna's blend of compassionate spirituality and rational analysis of my thought traps and non-productive beliefs to help me break through my limitations."   

Meredith McIver

"I have known Donna Root since 2005 when we worked together speaking throughout the United States.  I had the opportunity to work with Donna as well as to hear her speak all over the country. She has a dynamic presence, positive and clear thought provoking program.  Donna is passionate about lifting other people up and helping them reach their greatest potential.  Donna's integrity is an attribute that adds significantly to her dimensions as a speaker, consultant, writer and a friend. It has been a joy to be able to work with this amazing woman."

Rustom Roy

"There is no greater work on the planet today than the work Donna is doing raising consciousness and helping people create holistic wellness in their lives.  Her program is a perfect marriage of Science, Spirituality, and Psychology.  If you are looking for permanent change taught by a compassionate loving mentor, Inner Architect and Donna Root are world class."

R. Perri
CEO, THF Group

"Wow... that is the first thing that comes to mind after I went through my first Inner
Architect course. I have been through and taken many courses on personal and business development for over 10 years. I was looking for the "Silver Bullet" and never found it until NOW... this course has the ability to really "Get Past You". Although all other courses intentions were to enhance my life and my business, they left me feeling exposed and vulnerable without real life tools to help and empower me, without those critical tools I revert back to my old believe system and habits that were not working. The amazing thing about The Inner Architect Program is that it takes you to the core of the stories that drive both your personal and professional life and helps you peel the layer of your "onion"  and give you the tools for everlasting change. The most important part of this for me was the support staff; they took me through the process step-by-step. The change has been so dramatic and has also given me a support staff to lean on who "HAD MY BACK", the class makes a bold statement that you will have a transformational experience and that is exactly what I got!!!!!!
I want to thank all the Staff at Inner Architect staff for all their support it was priceless."

L.W. Wise
 CEO, WealthWise, LLC

"Both my husband and I have taken multiple business-development or personal development courses over the last 8 years, at least a dozen or more. From Breakthroughs to Success, Personal Mastery and Advanced Personal Mastery, to the Millionaire Mind program from Harv Eckert and being certified in his Train the Trainer program - we've done it all. These programs have helped us to peel back and recognize some of the beliefs we have that are no longer serving us. However, nothing has been as amazing as The Inner Architect Program. After years of personal-development, we've finally found the key to literally getting rid of, not just uncovering, limiting beliefs that have kept us from personal, financial, and professional success."

D.C Cordova
 CEO, Excellerated Business School 

"Donna is an accomplished teacher, presenter and thought leader in interpersonal development and corporate growth and development.  Her ability to communicate complex principles in a simple and straight forward manner using cutting edge methods and proven processes has helped me both personally and professionally. Her work with individuals and companies around the world is simply transformational.  If you want to see greater results in productivity, creativity, focus, direction don't wait.  Hire Donna now!"

Calli Lewis

"Working with Donna as my coach has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life.
I had previously worked with many gifted coaches but none of them were able to hand me the tools that allowed me to completely transform my life.
Donna's coaching allowed me the freedom to discover what my own personal truth is. There is not one day that goes by in my life that I am not putting to use at least one of the tools that I learned from coaching with her. I have been able to not only overcome but find incredible joy through experiences that before coaching with her would have been incredibly painful and difficult. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have met and coached with this incredible human. Calli. J. Lewis."

Chaunine Landou

"Working with Donna Root in her coaching and training techniques has been such a joy. Donna has lovingly crafted a method of carefully walking you down the path of enlightenment in a way that carefully and thoroughly teaches you the concepts and sciences that are the foundation of the life changing skills she is teaching you.

She has a sincere and fervent love for others that drives her enthusiastic approach to mapping a way for you to learn to live a successful, fulfilling life with love, sincerely and courage.

I walked away from Donna’s coaching armed with valid, effective tools in my belt that I had practice using. My life is a better, more fulfilling, loving experience because of the time I have spent with Donna. When bumps in the road happen, as they do, I have confidence in myself and a powerful knowing that I absolutely can do something about it and have the skills to handle it, no matter what the situation may be.

Her devotion to God only makes her more powerful in her practice. You never feel like you have to believe in the same spiritual doctrines that she does but at the same time you cannot deny that a Divine Power that connects us all is at the heart of her work.

She is a natural teacher, which shines though in her coaching because her focus is that you be set free so that you can fly on your own and not be depended on years of therapy, medication or support groups.

Thank you Donna, for everything. With much love,"

Wynton Dunford
Founder/CEO Mederec

"Donna Root is a woman of action. She is a woman of keen insight. She is a woman of tireless energy. Donna is a woman of personal experience of overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges through which she has learned the secrets of health, prosperity and joy. Donna is a passionate teacher who lives what she teaches and is committed to making an impact on the world through her teaching. I have had and continue to have great learning and coaching from her that has changed my life and the lives of my family."

K. Sage

"You can't even imagine what you don't know that you are missing out on if you do not take this course. It is simply AMAZING and life changing to say the least. I have invested both time and money in many personal development programs. Donna Root's Inner Architect program is so powerful and by far the best Personal Empowerment Course I have EVER invested in." 

Kerry Fannin
BSHS, MBA/HCM, MSW, CSW;Therapist Trained in Trauma & Addiction

"I have been working with people for a decade as a social worker and therapist. Donna’s program works across the board.  This is a great product for individuals, organizations, and treatment centers that want to experience a life and work of success and accomplishment. From small individual resentments and bitterness to organizational transformation and renovation The Inner Architect has the ability to transform and heal lives and organizations. It is personal and professional training process that is life changing and life healing."

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